War of Omens


War of Omens

Fifth Column Games' first independent project. A fast-paced deckbuilding CCG with serious strategy and depth, War of Omens features four distinct factions warring for supremacy in a mysterious and deadly world.

Pawn Stars the Game


Pawn Stars: The Game for Facebook and Mobile

Build your pawn shop from the ground up! Improve your shop with shelves and decorations, haggle for rare and interesting items, and grow from a tiny shop to a world famous pawning enterprise.

Pawn Stars: The Game is one of the most successful Facebook games based on a TV show in the history of the platform, with over 1 million monthly active users at its peak. It's A&E's most successful Facebook game to date, and has been featured on Inside Social Gaming and Wired.


Ancient Aliens


Ancient Aliens for Facebook and Mobile

Travel back in time to ancient Egypt to uncover evidence along with Ancient Astronaut Theorists and learn the truth from the Aliens themselves. Abduct primitive humans, manipulate their DNA, and help them establish modern civilization as you exploit Earth's mineral wealth as you oversee the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Top Shot the Game


Casino Quest Slots for Facebook and Kongregate

Casino Quest has some of the best looking slots around! Progress through a beautiful map and play a variety of different slot machines with amazing art, animated effects, and huge bonuses! It's better than Vegas!

Duck Dynasty Redneck Empire


Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire for Facebook

Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire features everyone's favorite rednecks helping you to build your own duck call business!

Expand down the street as you build workshops, warehouses, and all kinds of redneck attractions alongside Willie, Jase, Si, Phil, and the whole Robertson clan.

Top Shot the Game


Top Shot: The Game for Facebook and Kongregate

Build your skills as well as your weapon collection with fast-paced target shooting games and skill challenges taken directly from the show. Match your skills against your friends and find out if you have what it takes to become History’s Top Shot!

Top Shot the Game


NBA2K MyLIFE for Facebook

NBA2K MyLIFE is Fifth Column Games' joint venture with 2K games. Launched in October 2012 as a companion to the NBA 2K13 console game, NBA2K MyLIFE enables players to build their MyPLAYER character's virtual lifestyle.