Fifth Column Games is actively seeking partners and publishers for games on all platforms and devices. We have experience making multi-platform games on Facebook, Kongregate, and mobile devices, utilizing a unified back-end for easy data sharing.

We have worked on projects both large and small, with existing and original IP, and have a proven track record for consistently hitting moving deadlines based on the schedules of other products or media.




Strong technical and artistic foundations allow us to create complex applications quickly.

Art, engineering, and design crafted by a creative staff, focused on quality and user experience.

Through the design, development, and continued support of a product, Fifth Column Games has a proven ability to deliver on schedule and on budget with quality and scalability.



War of Omens is a Fifth Column Games original self-funded project. It combines the popular deck-builder and collectible card genres into a unique and rewarding 3D card game. War of Omens launched February 2014 on Facebook, Kongregate, and the web.

Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire is a Fifth Column Games/A+E Networks project, based on one of the most successful television shows in history. With 11.8 million viewers tuning into the 4th season premiere of the TV show, Duck Dynasty: Redneck Empire is one of Fifth Column's most exciting projects yet!

Pawn Stars: The Game, published by A+E Networks, is the highest-grossing TV-branded game currently on Facebook and one of the most successful branded games in Facebook’s history. It launched over 2 years ago and still has over 150k daily active users.

Top Shot: The Game, also published by A+E Networks, has a 4.3 app rating on Facebook; one of the highest on the platform, even among the most popular titles. It has realistic gun operation, reloading, true-to-life graphics, procedurally generated FXs, and a full real-time multiplayer game-mode. It is available on both Facebook and Kongregate.

Casino Quest is Fifth Column's first original, self-funded game! Made with only a small team in under one month, Casino Quest has extremely polished UI, industry-leading art, and a saga-style progression map on top of proven slot mechanics. We're actively seeking partners to help us publish and promote Casino Quest.

Germ Fever is an original IP puzzle-action game funded and developed completely in-house at Fifth Column Games. Germ Fever is being developed for iOS and Android and we are actively seeking partners to help us publish it.

NBA2K MyLIFE, published by 2K Games, is an NBA-themed lifestyle simulation game. It allows players to synchronize their data with their NBA 2K13 console account, earning rewards for both games. It can also be enjoyed as a standalone experience for users who choose not to connect.

Others: In addition to prior and ongoing projects we are always looking for new and exciting opportunities.