Thanks in advance for your interest in Fifth Column Games. We're a tight-knit group of people who love having fun, working hard, and hanging out, so we hire for personality and company culture, not just for capability. A passion for games is a must.

You might notice that we don't specify strict "requirements" for most of the jobs we post. We believe in finding the ideal candidate for the job and for our company, and we realize that sometimes this might require looking outside the box. We believe despite not having a specific degree or not knowing a certain language, you still might be a great hire and an awesome part of our company. If you think you would kick ass at any of the jobs below, we highly encourage you to send your resumé, portfolio, demo reel, code sample, or whatever else you've got to .

Follow all the instructions, write us a kick ass cover letter, and if you're a good fit you might find yourself working with us soon!

No Current Openings

Our teams are all complete for our current projects. Check back in the future for openings.